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Welcome to the Sunshine State: Home to sandy beaches, Disney World and Florida auto accidents. Chances are good that if you live from Pensacola down to Miami Beach or anywhere in between, you’ll be involved in a car accident during your lifetime. The Coleman Law Group is here for you, Florida drivers. Put our number on speed dial, just in case. We’ll be standing by to help you find justice.

I’ve been involved in a Florida auto accident. What should I do?
Take care of yourself FIRST. Are you hurt? Do you require medical attention? Call 911; you’ll want to have a medical expert assess the extent of your injuries. If you’re able, grab that phone and start snapping pictures. A solid tip to remember is to use your phone’s dictation application to record the details of the accident. Where did it occur – and at what time? Explain the circumstances. And call the police; insurance companies likely will not even begin to consider payouts of claims without a proper report. If anyone else witnessed the Florida auto accident other than you and the other driver, ask that they share their contact information with you. This could be invaluable should you file a suit. Finally, call the Coleman Law Group. We’ll schedule a free consultation and go through your options with you.

Why is it so important to retain a lawyer after a car accident?
Auto accidents are not created equal; each is different. Insurance companies like to classify accidents quickly, however, and their payout offer may not meet your future needs. Accident victims who decide to just ‘settle and get on with life’ may save themselves some time and paperwork, but if a chronic injury arises at a later date, they won’t have just recompense. Prevent the above from happening by retaining our solid legal team. We take the time to really learn about your case. Plus, we’re used to dealing with insurance companies and will be able to solidly advocate on your behalf. Auto accidents are common; compassionate, comprehensive personal injury attorney representation is not. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s in your best interest to select the Coleman Law Group to be on your side. Our team cares about your wellbeing and it’s our goal to use our legal knowledge to help you become whole again.

What can I expect as a Coleman Law Group client?
We provide stellar Florida auto accident legal advice at no upfront cost to you. We work on contingency, meaning that we are not paid unless you are. It costs you nothing to retain our services, and unlike many legal conglomerates, your assigned lawyer will be with you throughout this entire journey. Our niche focus makes it possible for us to really understand your case. Protect your rights. Allow us the opportunity to advocate for you. Contact Coleman Law Group today and share with us how your auto accident has changed your life. It’s our hope to change it for the better. Call (727) 214-0400 to schedule your free consultation.

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