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Welcome to Coleman Law Group, home to your slip and fall legal experts. Don’t spend another moment wondering whether to seek legal representation regarding your injuries. Instead, contact us for a free consultation. Let’s go through the nuances of your accident together and decide whether legal action is warranted. If the property owner was negligent or caused the conditions that made it possible for you to become injured, there is one answer:

You have a case!

What constitutes a slip and fall case?
When one says ‘slip and fall,’ it’s often assumed that the culprit is a puddle of liquid left in the way of a pedestrian. This isn’t always an open-and-shut case. Did poor lighting contribute to the fall? Was the carpet torn or otherwise presenting a fall hazard? Were building codes ignored or items left on the ground? We want to help make you whole. Whether that means seeking recompense for lost wages, medical bill costs or pain and suffering, we will fight for what you are owed. Call (727) 214-0400 to schedule your free consultation.

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